Self-Harm & Suicidal Thoughts

If you’ve recently encountered a stressful or painful situation and are having thoughts of causing pain or injury to yourself, please seek immediate help.

What causes self harm and suicidal thoughts?

Self-harm is often a response to feelings of extreme psychological distress or emotional pain. It may provide short-term relief from these feelings, or may be an attempt to express or even control them briefly. It does not resolve them though, and can become a compulsive and dangerous activity.

What are the symptoms?

Some forms of self-harm may include:

  • Cutting
  • Burning or hitting
  • Binge-eating or starvation
  • Repeatedly putting yourself in dangerous situations
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol, including overdosing on prescription medications

How can psychology and counselling help?

We will arrange for you to see a psychologist who is an expert in this area.

Because self-harming behaviour is risky and possibly life-threatening, do not hesitate to call emergency services on 000 if necessary.

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How to book a session

To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you will need to have a referral from a GP. Simply visit your GP, tell them how you are feeling, and ask about a Mental Health Care Plan and referral for Good Thinking Clinical Psychology.

You can also see one of our psychologists without a referral, but unfortunately you cannot claim the Medicare rebate. For more information about our session prices, see rates and rebates.

To book a session now, call us on (02) 8068 0982 or contact us.

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