Does it feel like you are repeatedly using alcohol or a substance (such as drugs), or engaging in an activity (such as gambling), for pleasure – but it is causing you harm or interfering with everyday life?

What causes addiction?

Addiction happens when someone compulsively engages in behaviour such as drug taking, gambling, drinking or gaming. It is extremely hard for addicts to stop doing the thing they’re addicted to without help and support.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

Common symptoms of addiction may include:

  • You need to use more of a substance, or do an activity more often, to get the same effect
  • You’ve become reliant on the substance or activity as a way to forget your problems or to relax
  • You’re withdrawing from family and friends
  • It’s causing you problems at school or work
  • You’re stealing or selling stuff in order to keep doing it (such as drugs or gambling)
  • You’ve been unsuccessful in trying to quit
  • You feel anxious, angry or depressed

How can psychology and counselling help?

We can help by supporting you through the addicted behaviour. It is normal to feel nervous or embarrassed. We can provide a safe and confidential environment where you can be heard and helped without judgment.

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How to book a session

To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you will need to have a referral from a GP. Simply visit your GP, tell them how you are feeling, and ask about a Mental Health Care Plan and referral for Good Thinking Clinical Psychology.

You can also see one of our psychologists without a referral, but unfortunately you cannot claim the Medicare rebate. For more information about our session prices, see rates and rebates.

To book a session now, call us on (02) 8068 0982 or contact us.

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