How We Work

Your first session

Your first session is a chance for us to get to know you, and understand what has brought you to us.

We will ask you questions, and listen as you tell us what is troubling you. Towards the end of the session, we may set some goals for our time together so that we can start creating a plan for positive change.

Our sessions run for approximately 50 minutes.


Psychologists are legally required to keep everything discussed in therapy completely confidential.

We will only disclose what you discuss if:

  • You give us permission
  • We suspect you may cause harm to yourself or someone else
  • There is child abuse
  • A court subpoenas your file
  • The psychologist is subpoenaed to give evidence in court

Rest assured that we take your privacy very seriously, and will keep all of your personal information safe.

Our goal

Some people enjoy attending therapy on a regular basis, and feel it helps them better approach issues that present in daily life.

Others use therapy as a means to a positive end – working with a professional to set goals, create practical plans, and create lasting change.

We shape our approach to suit you, drawing on a range of proven therapies to find the most appropriate solution.

Keep in mind that a doctor’s referral for a psychologist may prescribe the number of recommended sessions. This means that you will only receive Medicare rebates for those sessions.

Your psychologist

You can choose which of our psychologists you want to see, or we will pair you with the practitioner we feel best suits your circumstances.

Please note we do not currently have a psychiatrist at Good Thinking Clinical Psychology, so we cannot prescribe medication for treatment.

Our practice has Clinical Psychologists, General Psychologists and counsellors.


To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you will need to have a referral from a GP. Simply visit your GP, tell them how you are feeling, and ask about a Mental Health Care Plan and referral for Good Thinking Clinical Psychology.

You can also see one of our psychologists without a referral, but unfortunately you cannot claim the Medicare rebate. For more info about our session prices see rates and rebates.