Eating Disorder & Body Image

No one willingly chooses to have an eating disorder. If you are going to great lengths to hide or disguise your eating behaviour, you may be suffering from an eating disorder or body image issue. In this situation, feelings of guilt or shame are normal.

Anyone can develop an eating disorder, including all ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds. Over 1 million Australians experience an eating disorder.

What causes eating disorders?

Eating disorders and body image issues tend to occur when you’re experiencing disturbed eating behaviours and extreme concerns about food, eating and body size, shape or weight.

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms include:

  • Obsessive thoughts about food, body size, shape or weight, or eating patterns
  • Rapid weight loss or gain, or frequent changes in weight
  • Feeling depressed, anxious, irritable or stressed
  • Eating food in smaller or larger amounts than is considered healthy
  • Using food as a way to deal with boredom or stress
  • Using food as a way to manage uncomfortable or distressing emotions
  • Using food and eating as a form of self-punishment
  • Eating in private or avoiding social situations involving food
  • Secretive behaviour surrounding food
  • Compensating for food consumed (including vomiting)
  • Excessive exercising

How can psychology and counselling help?

Overcoming eating disorders and body image issues is possible. We can help by assessing your mental, physical, emotional, behavioural and environmental needs.

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How to book a session

To be eligible for the Medicare rebate, you will need to have a referral from a GP. Simply visit your GP, tell them how you are feeling, and ask about a Mental Health Care Plan and referral for Good Thinking Clinical Psychology.

You can also see one of our psychologists without a referral, but unfortunately you cannot claim the Medicare rebate. For more information about our session prices, see rates and rebates.

To book a session now, call us on (02) 8068 0982 or contact us.

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