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Michaela is a compassionate psychologist with extensive experience across various age groups and backgrounds, working in both clinical and community settings. She uses a warm, collaborative approach to help children, adolescents, families, and adults explore issues, gain insights, and achieve goals, emphasizing safe, therapeutic connections and mental health education.


Michaela is a compassionate and dedicated psychologist with a wealth of experience working across diverse age groups, cultures, and sexual orientations. Her therapeutic approach is characterized by warmth, care, and a strong focus on building meaningful connections with her clients. In both clinical private practice and community settings, Michaela has worked with children, adolescents, families, and adults, creating safe and collaborative therapeutic spaces. Her relaxed yet focused approach empowers clients to explore concerns, gain insights, and develop skills to achieve their goals. Michaela’s background includes serving as the site clinical lead in a multidisciplinary adult mental health service, providing mentorship, clinical consultation, treatment, and linkage to external services. She also worked extensively with children and families, offering therapy, case management, and community outreach to schools, fostering mental health education.